micro:bit logger

micro:bit logger enables users to log data via bluetooth LE

Supported services

  • Temperture Service
  • Accelerometer Service
  • Magnetometer Service
  • Button Service

Logging can be enabled per service. The Device Information Service and DFU Service can not be logged.

Supported export formats

  • SQLite
  • CSV (;)
  • CSV (,)
  • Tab-delimiter

Export via email

Prepared Hex-files

All hex-files are based on micro:bit firmware 2.0.0-rc9--g

The following services are enabled: DFU Control, Device Information, Temperature, Magnetometer, Accelerometer and Button.

Preparing micro:bit and pairing

  1. Upload one of the above hex-files to your micro:bit
  2. Wait until the micro:bit asks you to draw a circle
  3. Draw a circle by moving the micro:bit. This will calibrate the compass

Pairing (Only required if security enabled)

  1. Make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your device
  2. Open the MB:logger app
  3. Initiate pairing mode on micro:bit. Hold A + B and press the reset button briefly. Wait until your see the scrolling text "PAIRING MODE".
  4. Release button A and B.
  5. Press the button rescan for devices
  6. Tap your micro:bit
  7. Click on Connect
  8. The system will ask you for a pin. Press button A on the micro:bit.
  9. Enter all 6 digits and press OK.
  10. The micro:bit will restart. Wait until the micro:bit is completely rebooted. In some cases it is required to recalibrate the compass by drawing a circle.
  11. Tap Connect

Common issues

Services don't appear in list after pairing

After pairing the micro:bit does not broadcast all available services from the start. As a result the services are not shown in the list. Try to disconnect and connect a couple of times to solve the issue. If this does not help, try to restart your app, phone and micro:bit or try a hex-file without security enabled.

All values are 0

The app didn't receive any notification from the micro:bit. Normally a notification should be received by the micro:bit within the first couple of seconds after a connection is established. If not, press Disconnect followed by Connect.

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